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Make a positive impact and improve the quality of life for people of all ages and study Speech Pathology at UniSQ. Speech pathologists play a vital role in the health care sector by diagnosing and treating communication and swallowing difficulties that can stem from a wide range of developmental, congenital and acquired delays and disorders. 

Learn to create comprehensive health care plans to deliver individualised care to people in a range of regional and remote settings. You’ll also become skilled in working within a healthcare team context, working alongside other health professionals to provide a holistic care approach to clients. Gain valuable knowledge and put theory into practice through professional experience placements throughout your study.   

Explore UniSQ's Speech Pathology degrees

What is the focus of Speech Pathology?
The focus of Speech Pathology is on diagnosing and treating communication and swallowing difficulties arising from various developmental, congenital, and acquired delays and disorders. Speech Pathologists are crucial in the healthcare sector, improving the quality of life for people of all ages by addressing these challenges.
Why study Speech Pathology at UniSQ?
Studying Speech Pathology at UniSQ is a journey towards making a positive impact in the healthcare sector. Our speech pathology degrees are designed to equip you with the ability to create comprehensive healthcare plans and provide individualised care, particularly in regional and remote settings. We emphasise collaboration within a healthcare team to offer holistic care approaches and ensure our students are set up for success.
Which degree is right for me?

The best place to start when deciding on a speech therapist degree is to find what you’re passionate about. It’s good to think about the career path you want to follow so you can tailor your studying experience to suit you. Contact us and we can talk you through your undergraduate or postgraduate study options. 

A Speech Pathology course at UniSQ imparts valuable knowledge and practical skills through professional experience placements. What theory and practical knowledge you will gain during your studies will vary depending on the Speech Pathology degree you choose.  

Associate Degree of Allied Health - A 2 year full-time degree that is a qualification in its own right, but it is also a pathway to a bachelor degree. Within this degree you will gain foundational knowledge in evidence-based practice, human communication, anatomy, physiology, culture, health, illness, and working with diverse populations.

Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honour) - A 4 year full-time degree with research integrated learning. This allows you to select from two Honours pathways with a focus on either partnership with industry or an individual research project.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - A postgraduate qualification with a focus on research. You will have expansive intellectual freedom to be able to make an original and substantial contribution to your area of study.

Master of Research - A postgraduate degree ideal for those who have completed a bachelor degree and want to continue to enhance their research skills in a specialised area. You will develop your research skills, specialist knowledge and produce original contributions in your chosen field.

What kind of professional experience placements are included in UniSQ’s Speech Pathology courses?
UniSQ’s Nursing and Allied Health Speech Pathology courses include diverse professional experience placements that allow you to put theory into practice. The amount of hours you’ll do during your professional experience will vary depending on the Speech Pathology degree you choose. These placements are integral to your course, providing real-world experience in various settings like hospitals, schools, and community health centres. During your placement you will also have the opportunity to network with potential employers and fellow students.
What career opportunities graduates can expect after completing a Speech Pathology degree?

Graduating with Speech Pathology degrees from UniSQ can lead to a range of career options as a speech pathologist, including:

  • clinical speech pathologist
  • school-based speech therapist
  • early intervention specialist
  • rehabilitation specialist
  • speech therapy consultant
  • voice coach or therapist
  • special needs coordinator. 
Are flexible study options available?

UniSQ understands the need for flexibility in our speech pathology courses. We provide a range of study options to cater to diverse needs, including on-campus, external, and online learning formats depending on the speech therapist degree you choose. Whether you prefer to study your degree part-time or full-time, we offer the flexibility to balance your education with other commitments.

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