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In today's digital age, software has become an integral part of our lives. From word processing systems to web browsers, software applications are used across various industries and have a profound impact on society. As a result, there is a growing demand for skilled software developers who can create, design, and deploy software to support business functions.

If you enjoy problem-solving, learning about programming and building your technical skills, consider a career in software application development. At UniSQ, we offer comprehensive software developer degrees designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in this dynamic field.

Explore UniSQ's Software Application Development degrees

Which software application developer degree is right for me?

Which software developer courses are right for you will depend on your personal interests and career goals. At UniSQ we have a wide variety of software development course to choose from.

Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Information Technology - Gain expertise in software development while also acquiring business acumen

Bachelor of Communication and Media (Software Application Development) - develop software solutions tailored to the unique requirements of media sectors, gaining knowledge and skills in both software development and communication principles.

Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Application Development) - gain in-depth knowledge of software development principles, programming languages, and software engineering practices

Undergraduate Certificate of Computing/Information Technology - Get a foundational knowledge of computing and information technology, covering essential concepts and skills in programming, databases, networking, and systems analysis

Graduate Diploma of Information Technology (Software Development) - delve deeper into advanced software development concepts, frameworks, and technologies.

Master of Information Technology (Software Development) - gain expertise in cutting-edge software development methodologies, software architecture, and emerging technologies.

Master of Research – Undertake in-depth investigations and contribute to the advancement of software development through original research projects.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Conduct extensive research in software development, leading to the development of new knowledge and expertise in the field. 

What are the career opportunities for software application development graduates?

As the demand for software and technology continues to grow, skilled professionals in this field are highly sought after. Graduates in this field can explore various exciting career paths, including:

  • software developer/engineer
  • web developer
  • mobile app developer
  • database administrator
  • systems analyst
  • quality assurance analyst
  • technical consultant
  • IT project manager
  • software architect
  • software development manager 

Some of the biggest employers of ICT graduates in Australia are international IT vendors, including Microsoft and IBM, and ICT end-users such as banks, insurance companies, and government departments. 

Can I study part-time?
Yes, UniSQ offers part-time study options for our Information and Communications Technology Software Development degrees. This allows you to balance your education with other commitments, such as work or personal responsibilities. Part-time study may extend the overall duration of the degree, but it provides an opportunity for individuals who require a more flexible approach to complete their degree.
Are there flexible study options?
Yes, majority of our Software Development degrees offer the flexibility to study online, on campus or externally. We understand that everyone has different schedules and preferences, and we strive to accommodate those needs to the best of our ability. Our online Software Development degrees offer the same quality of education as on-campus degrees, designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become career ready. This can include interactive elements, such as virtual labs, discussion forums, and online collaboration tools depending on what you wish to study. Discover more about the different ways you can study at UniSQ.
Why study software development with UniSQ?

Our Software Development degrees provide you with full access to cutting-edge resources, information, and expertise to prepare you for a successful and rewarding career. We offer a flexible learning environment, allowing you to study software development online or on campus, depending on what suits your lifestyle. With a focus on community support, flexibility, and inclusiveness, UniSQ ensures that you have the support and guidance you need to achieve your personal and professional goals in the field of software development.

  • Use leading-edge enterprise tools and standards such as Oracle, ITIL4, CompTIA Security+, implement web services, program mobile devices, apply data analytics tools to Big Data, and manage enterprise networks after completing the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification
  • According to the Good Universities Guide 2023, we are rated five out of five stars for computing and information systems:
    • student support
    • education experience
    • postgraduate teaching quality
    • postgraduate skills development
    • postgraduate learning resources. 

Start your journey in software development with UniSQ and explore our degrees to find the one that is right for you. 

Is prior programming experience required for a software development degree?
Undergraduate degrees in Software Development do not assume any prior programming or coding experience, making them accessible to students without a programming background. However, having basic coding skills can be beneficial for success in these programs. It is recommended to review the specific entry requirements of the degree you are interested in to understand the expectations and any recommended prerequisites. 

In software development degrees, students commonly learn languages such as Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript. These languages are widely used in the industry and provide a solid foundation for software development. Depending on the focus or specialisation of the program, students may have the opportunity to learn additional languages and frameworks to enhance their skillset and meet industry demands.
What kind of projects or practical experience can students expect in the software development degrees?
You can expect to gain valuable hands-on experience through practical projects and work-integrated learning opportunities in both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. In undergraduate degrees in particular, students participate in a capstone unit that provides them with real-world projects and the chance to connect with industry partners. UniSQ's strong industry partnerships and collaborations open a world of opportunities for students, giving you exposure to the professional landscape and enhancing your career prospects.

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