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Year 12 or recent secondary education

Are you a year 12 student or completed high school? You can apply to study at UniSQ based on your high school results and any other certificates or qualifications you completed while at school.
1. Find your degree

Once you’ve found the degree you’d like to study, don’t forget to decide on your other preferences. You can apply for up to 6 degrees on your Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) application. Having a number of preferences in your application can improve your chances of getting an offer. You will need to list the degrees in order of preference on your QTAC application. Remembering to put your Semester 1 preferences before your Semester 2 preferences.

Check the application dates for the degree you want to apply for. Application dates can vary so it’s important to view UniSQ’s key dates  to find out all the details.

Each degree has unique entry requirements and supporting documentation, therefore it is important you read the entry requirements for each degree

Adjustment factors

Take a look at our adjustment factors which may increase your Selection Rank through the allocation of additional points in certain circumstances, such as where you live and subjects you have passed.

Auditions and interviews

Some degrees have additional entry requirements such as auditions and interviews in addition to your QTAC application.

Supporting documentation

The entry requirements for your degree will give you an idea of the documentation to provide. These documents help us to verify that you meet the entry requirements. Take a look at QTAC documentation tips to ensure you’re ticking all to boxes.

Pathways study

If you’re concerned you won’t meet the entry requirements, you may like to add a pathways program as a preference. 

QTAC is the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre. They receive and process applications for all domestic undergraduate degrees offered by universities in Queensland.

There are some undergraduate degrees that are an exception and you will need to apply directly to UniSQ. These are:

 You can apply for the above honours programs if you have completed your 3 year degree and want to apply for your 4th year honours.


What happens next

After you’ve submitted your QTAC application you will be emailed a QTAC reference number. QTAC will email you the outcome of your application during an offer round.

Accepting you offer
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Personalised support

Two men working together at a computer in an office setting.
Tailored support
Have a question but not sure who to talk to? UniSQ’s support services are in one place with iconnect. Reach out to our iconnect support staff to help you solve issues or point you in the right direction.