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Apply for cross-institutional study

Apply to study a UniSQ course (subject) while gaining credit towards your home university degree.
1. Find your course
Discover what cross-institutional courses are on offer. Don't forget to gain approval from your home university to ensure your UniSQ courses count towards your degree.
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Cross-institutional applications will close on the last day to add courses for each semester.  Please view UniSQ’s important dates to find out all the details.
As part of the approval process, your home university will confirm the level of study you've selected (i.e. undergraduate or postgraduate) and will let UniSQ know if you meet the required pre-requisites.

There are different ways to apply for cross-institutional studies depending on what type of student you are.

Domestic students

If you're a domestic student, you'll need to submit an online application and have your home University sign the Cross-Institutional Admission Form which can be found within the online application portal. 

International students

If you are an international student, you'll need to apply via our international students application portal.

Once we have completed an assessment of your application, UniSQ will contact you in regards to your application, and provide you with the next steps in your journey to study at UniSQ.
Accepting your offer
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Personalised support

Tailored support

Have a question but not sure who to talk to? UniSQ’s support services are in one place with iconnect. Reach out to our iconnect support staff to help you solve issues or point you in the right direction.