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UniSQ Early Offer

The UniSQ Early Offer allows eligible Year 12 students who place UniSQ #1 on their QTAC application, to receive an early offer at the University of Southern Queensland. Students can receive an early offer in one of two ways - via recommendation from a Principal or Principal's delegate or successful completion of a UniSQ Head Start course.

Recognising your strengths

We recognise your potential based on your motivation, skills, passion and already demonstrated commitment to furthering your Education.

Conditional offer

Relieve stress leading into end of year exams and start planning your 2023 now! Receive a conditional offer as early as 12 August 2022.

Accommodation scholarship

Receive one-month free accommodation at the UniSQ Toowoomba Residential Colleges. Conditions apply**

** If you are eligible and receive a UniSQ Early Offer, you can then apply for University of Southern Queensland Residential Colleges via our online portal. During the application process for Semester 1, 2023, please select the UniSQ Early Offer checkbox and upload a copy of your offer letter. The one-month free accommodation is for the first 28 nights of Semester 1, 2023, with check in on Saturday 11 February 2023 for new students. This offer covers accommodation only, with the option to purchase meals additionally. Students must apply for Semester 1, 2023, and stay for the entire length of the contract to be eligible for the one-month free accommodation. Students can apply for any accommodation type (including private ensuite, shared ensuite and shared bathroom), with accommodation offers sent on the order they are received. The value of the one-month accommodation is subject to the accommodation type accepted. Further information about our accommodation options is available.

Are you a Year 12 student ready to apply for a UniSQ Early Offer?

How to apply
  1. Choose one of our programs from UniSQ's Undergraduate Guide and submit a QTAC Application.
  2. If you are applying to study an Education program you must complete the Non-academic Requirements for Teacher Education (NARTE) statement – more information will be sent to you from QTAC after you have submitted your application. If you are applying to study Nursing, you will be required to complete the ANMAC English language declaration. The declaration will be sent to you by QTAC after submitting your application. 
  3. If you are applying to study one of our Creative Arts programs, you must complete an audition.
  4. Complete the Early Offer Application Form and meet with your nominated school representative to discuss your recommendation/application, chosen program and any necessary pathway options.
  5. If you have completed a UniSQ Head Start course, you do not require your Principal’s recommendation.
  6. Applications must be submitted by the Principal or Principal's delegate, on behalf of you, along with your application form, recommendation and your Year 11 report card to before Monday 10 October 2022
  7. You could receive an email outcome as early as Friday 12 August 2022.

Other things you need to do:

  • Make sure you meet all of your subject prerequisites for your program of choice
  • Put UniSQ as your first preference on your QTAC application
  • Accept your offer when you receive it in the QTAC offer round
  • Ensure your personal email address is listed on the application form instead of your school email or a shared family email.
 August 2 2022 QTAC applications & UniSQ Early Offer applications open 
 August 12 2022 First Year 12 only offer round
 August 19 2022 Year 12 only offer round
 August 26 2022 Year 12 only offer round
 September 2 2022 Year 12 only offer round
 September 9 2022 Year 12 only offer round
 September 16 2022 Year 12 only offer round
 September 23 2022 Year 12 only offer round
 October 14 2022         Year 12 only offer round
 October 21 2022 Year 12 only offer round
 October 10 2022 Last day to submit UniSQ Early Offer Applications 
 October 14 2022 Year 12 only offer round
 October 21 2022 Final Year 12 only offer round
Offers will not be made during the Year 12 external examination period. All offers made prior to the conclusion of the Year 12 school year will be conditional on students completing Year 12 and meeting program pre requisites, so it’s important that students stay engaged and complete their exams. Late applications will not be accepted so ask your questions early.

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