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Our priorities

Regional priorities

Through a series of interviews and workshops, the SQNNSW Innovation Hub has identified four main regional priorities (PDF 265KB):

  1. data and decision-making (data access, interpretation and application, decision-making support, tools, processes and capacity)
  2. wellbeing and employability (recognising the connection between support for wellbeing and personal capacity in skills and confidence as business managers, employees and community members)
  3. environmental commodities (understanding opportunities and risks in engaging in emerging environmental markets)
  4. best practice agriculture and preparing for drought (techniques, tools, processes and approaches that support holistic, sustainable, productive, profitable management of natural resources within extreme variable climate conditions).

Key agricultural industries

Headquartered at UniSQ in Toowoomba, the SQNNSW Innovation Hub region covers from Longreach in Queensland to Dubbo in New South Wales, and from the east coast to the Southern Australian and Northern Territory borders in the west.

The key agricultural industries within the SQNNSW Innovation Hub region include:

  • livestock 
  • broadacre cropping 
  • cotton 
  • horticulture 
  • viticulture 
  • tree crops 
  • sugarcane
  • agribusiness and ag advisory ecosystems. 

Regional priorities 2021 - 2024

The regional priorities for the SQNNSW Innovation Hub were identified during the Hub’s extensive initial co-design process, involving a wide range of stakeholders from across the region, industry and community.