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  • UniSQ Co-Lab brings industry and university experts together

UniSQ Co-Lab brings industry and university experts together

The University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ) has launched UniSQ Co-Lab, a series of specialised short courses delivered by industry leaders to equip professionals with essential skills and knowledge critical for success.

The first round of courses – delivered in person at the UniSQ Brisbane Study Hub at 293 Queen Street in the city – will focus on cybersecurity threats and solutions, addressing employee financial stress, and mastering workplace health and safety.

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Engagement) Shawn Walker said the UniSQ Co-Lab concept was inspired by industry and the UniSQ alumni community, who provided insights about the type of professional development they required.

“Our new Co-Lab initiative brings together the best of UniSQ and industry to deliver impactful, targeted learning opportunities to address in-demand skills and knowledge for individuals and businesses,” Mr Walker said.

UniSQ Brisbane Associate Director Liz Fisher said UniSQ Co-Lab reflected the University’s commitment to delivering practical, industry-relevant education that empowers professionals to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape.

“These courses are crafted to address pressing challenges faced by organisations today, ensuring participants gain practical insights and actionable strategies,” Ms Fisher said.

“We have connected with industry experts who are leaders in their fields to develop the courses, which they will deliver at our UniSQ Brisbane site located on Queen Street in the city.”

Finance expert Melissa Meagher’s Co-Lab course, Transform your financial future, will explore the causes and effects of financial stress on businesses.

“If you’re good at what you do, there is this expectation that you’re automatically good with your money, and there is actually no correlation whatsoever,” Ms Meagher said.

“My Co-Lab is all around financial wellness and financial wellbeing. It’s really about giving people the skills, the knowledge, and the strategies, the tools to really flex their financial capability muscle.”

The first round of UniSQ Co-Lab courses include:

Transform your financial future

  • Financial stress significantly impacts workplace productivity and wellbeing. Led by finance expert Melissa Meagher, this course explores the causes and effects of financial stress on businesses. Participants will learn strategies to promote financial wellness, reduce absenteeism, and foster a more engaged workforce. Ms Meagher has over two decades of experience as a financial planner, stockbroker and seminar delivery specialist from large financial institutions such as Sunsuper, Suncorp and Westpac to boutique financial planning firms. She also founded Talking Money and will provide practical insights to empower employees with financial clarity through this course.

Cybersecurity Threats and Solutions

  • Protecting organisations from cyber threats is paramount in today’s digital landscape. Led by cybersecurity expert Adjunct Professor Neil Curtis, this course provides comprehensive insights into anticipating and mitigating cyber risks, understanding the impacts of cyber events on operations and reputation, and leveraging cyber intelligence for enhanced security. Adjunct Professor Neil Curtis – a former Chief Security Officer at DXC Technology who also worked in the military and police service – brings over two decades of experience to guide participants in implementing effective cybersecurity strategies.

Mastering Workplace Health and Safety

  • Ensuring the safety of colleagues and avoiding penalties are critical for business leaders. Led by Aaron Guilfoyle, Queensland’s inaugural independent Work Health and Safety Prosecutor, this course equips leaders with comprehensive knowledge of WHS obligations. Participants will gain insights into creating safe work environments and ensuring compliance across industries. Mr Guilfoyle is a highly accomplished state and federal prosecutor, serving in senior and Chief Executive government roles.

UniSQ Co-Lab short courses are tailored to meet the professional development needs of leaders across industries, fostering networking opportunities and facilitating knowledge exchange.

Learn more about UniSQ's Co-Lab courses.