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UniSQ offers more pathways to university

University of Southern Queensland Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) student Max McCullough.

The University of Southern Queensland’s Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) has helped thousands of students make their way into higher education for over 30 years.

Now this landmark program has taken another step to make a university education accessible.

The Tertiary Preparation Pathway, a free bridging course designed to impart the skills and knowledge to succeed in degree studies, will change to a six-week focused learning mode, with a new intake every eight weeks.

Professor Marcus Harmes and lecturer for TPP said adapting to this model would give students more flexibility and choice.

“Doubling the number of entry points in each year allows students to study at a time of year that best suits their life, family and work commitments,” Professor Harmes said.

“This change will enable students to complete the pathway quicker, so they are ready to begin their undergraduate program.”

The new Block academic calendar consists of short six-to-eight-week study periods that typically include six weeks of teaching, an optional seventh week for assessment and a one-week study break.

One of the many students that the pathway has helped is Max McCullough, who said that it gave him a way of entering a course he feels more passionate about.

“I finished school early and began my trade, which I quickly realised wasn’t for me,” Max said.

“After seeing my brother do so well at this University, I decided to see what opportunities were open to me,” he said.

“TPP has provided me with a gateway into a career I feel more excited about.”

“My advice for people thinking about picking up study again would be to back yourself and just go for it.”

Tertiary Preparation Pathway (TPP) is available free online and on campus and has helped thousands of people from all different backgrounds gain entry into their University degree.