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Uncover your life’s mission: New degree to create social change agents

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They are the quiet achievers in our communities, but the call for more social workers is getting louder by the day.

As services continue to meet the ongoing challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the rising cost of living, the need for social workers has never been greater.

Overall employment of social workers is expected to grow by more than 20 per cent in Australia over the next five years.

To help meet the demand, the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ) has launched a Social Work degree for those who want to improve the lives of people and communities, and advocate for change.

Associate Professor Niki Edwards, Academic Discipline Lead of Social Work and Human Services, said an important contribution from social workers was their ability to work in almost any setting.

“What sets social workers apart from other professionals is they are uniquely positioned to take on some of the biggest challenges and most complex problems in the world, such as climate change, eco-social justice and working alongside First Nations peoples and other vulnerable communities and community members,” Associate Professor Edwards said.

“They are dedicated to achieving social justice, inclusion and wellbeing, and can be found working in community health centres, mental health clinics, aged care facilities, disability services, schools, child safety and helplines, to name a few.

“This is what is most exciting about social work. You can work with people across the lifespan; with babies and children, young people, adults and elders, or in policy and legislation.

“Activism, advocacy and critical allyship are central to the profession.

“Social workers adopt humility in everything they do. They don’t proclaim to fix the world, they journey with the people and communities they work with, ultimately seeking to empower the most vulnerable and marginalised in our societies.”

Offered from 2023, UniSQ’s online Bachelor of Social Work provides students with the knowledge, skills and practice needed to promote social change and development, improve personal and social wellbeing, celebrate diversity and empower people.

Graduates will engage with individuals, families, groups, communities, agencies, organisations and policymakers to address personal and societal issues.

“Our online degree is state of the art because we’ve had the opportunity to look at the rest of Australia and the world and figured out what is the best model for an undergraduate social work degree, and that’s what we’re offering,” Associate Professor Edwards said.

“Our social work graduates will be proud change agents – catalysts for systematic changes which can help create a more sustainable, equitable and just society, not only in Australia but around the world.”

Associate Professor Edwards said the program was specifically designed for online learning and while everyone was welcome to enrol, she was very proud of the rural and regional focus.

“A UniSQ degree in Social Work enables students to work in their local community during their studies and post-graduation. This is a big reason why it is offered as an online degree,” she said.

“It also allows students to contribute to social justice locally, nationally, and globally, inclusive of regional, rural and remote communities.

“There is a big demand for social workers outside major cities where there are many employment opportunities.”

Do you have a passion for human rights, a strong sense of social justice or want to give a voice to the vulnerable?

If you are looking to study a degree that will open you up to a world of opportunities, the University of Southern Queensland’s online Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) enables you to become a practice-ready graduate and a catalyst for change.

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