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Talk about spooky (news!)

Creep it real this Halloween with the University of Southern Queensland’s most skull-full experts...


Before we carved pumpkins, we carved turnips; and before we went trick-or-treating, we went ‘souling’ - where instead of searching for lollies or chocolate, we searched for as many prayers as possible for the dead.

  • Modern-day Halloween is known as an American holiday yet its origins lay across the pond. Historian Prof Marcus Harmes says an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain was held every year on November 1 to welcome in the harvest and ward off lurking spirits. Media Contact: Nick ‘Trick’ Britnell 0477 007 443


Walking door to door on Halloween might seem like a great way to exercise, but is finishing the night with bags full of sugary goodies contributing to Australia’s growing childhood obesity problem?

  • The World Health Organisation states that we should have less than six teaspoons of sugar per day, yet chocolates and lollies can contain up to 10 times that amount. Public health expert Dr Aletha Ward says giving children the opportunity to binge on treats can very harmful as it can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food into adulthood. Media contact: Griff ‘Griffin’ Thomas 0467 242 435


From The Exorcist and The Conjuring to Scooby-Do and Goosebumps - what is Halloween without a spooky movie? Filmmakers agree, with the latest slasher Halloween Ends (starring Jamie Lee Curtis) making more than $82 million at the global box office to date, according to Box Office Mojo.

  • Film guru Dr Daryl Sparkes is available to talk about the most frightening films of the year, as well as his top five scariest flicks (he has a list for the kids, too). Media contact: Scare-ah Green 0417 799 331


What could be scarier than the amount of lollies kids might consume this weekend? How about the fact that there is an allowable level of cockroach in ice cream... **SCREECH**

  • Food scientist Nils Preisler shares some spooky food facts related to food regulation, including how much mould is allowed in canned fruit and the allowable bug level in figs. Media contact: Rhianwen Witch-ney 0427 428 380


Audiences love to be shocked. Horror performances throughout the ages have existed in many forms: Gothic, macabre, slasher, supernatural, zombie, or science fiction.

  • Actor Marcus Oborn says these stories reveal humanity's dark capacity, and our obsession with the fascinating and disturbing. Media Contact: Nick ‘Bogeyman’ Britnell 0477 007 443
Creepin' it real...