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  • Surveying a new horizon: University of Southern Queensland welcomes new head of school

Surveying a new horizon: University of Southern Queensland welcomes new head of school

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“Ultimately, it’s about the graduates who shape our roads, bridges, properties and the critical infrastructure that connect us all.”

The University of Southern Queensland has welcomed the new head of its School of Surveying and Built Environment, setting a foundation for students to explore new heights.

Professor Sherif Mohamed joined the University this week (July 4) after 25 years with Griffith University with an established academic career in construction and project management.

He is now hard at work on his next ‘build’, fostering a vibrant, collaborative, and high-performing team of academics and researchers.

“We will continue to work hard in delivering high-quality educational programs and undertake high-impact research through collaboration and building engaged partnerships with a broad range of local and national networks,” Professor Mohamed said.

“The University of Southern Queensland has such a strong commitment to ethics, integrity and innovation, with strong connections with the local community – a critical factor for advancing an ambitious research agenda.”

Professor Mohamed said fields such as surveying, urban and regional planning, construction management and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) played an extremely important role in securing critical data and information for a wide range of applications.

“Clients across all sectors need accurate data to make informed decisions that impact the quality of our life,” he said.

“Just imagine how exciting it is being responsible for carrying out and managing all forms of data collection using cutting-edge technologies in areas as diverse as air, land, and water.

“Studying any of these fields lead to professional careers where graduates make positive change to our society.

“They will be able to utilise latest technologies to transform our built and natural environments into safer, smarter and more sustainable cities with less pollution, better public space and more connected communities.”

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