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NewsFeed: 30 May – 3 June

World map.
And we’re live from the University of Southern Queensland with this week in the news.

In 3, 2, 1…


Incoming: The most powerful meteor storm in generations.

Speaking of worldwide…

  • There was a beautiful feature in The Chronicle of our international students.


A nod to the past with a focus on the future.

Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young PSM joined University of Southern Queensland Chancellor John Dornbusch and Vice-Chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie at our Toowoomba campus for the official launch of the University’s 55/30 anniversary and unveiling of ‘John Dornbusch Drive’. And, of course, we covered it across all of our social media channels.  

Talk about *air* power.

  • Rocket scientists Professor David Buttsworth and Dr Fabian Zander were featured in Australian Air Power Today speaking about how they’re working to make high-speed travel a future reality.


Be Brave. Make Change.

A beautiful campaign was launched to mark National Reconciliation Week.

Green dream.

  • Professor Bernadette McCabe and energy from her biogas research project was mentioned in Energy Magazine.


Polar bear? No, no… polar BLAST.

  • Emeritus Professor Roger Stone discussed the cold blast and continued La Niña climate pattern via The Brisbane Times.

Oh, what a wonderful *world*.

  • To mark Pluto Demotion Day, Professor Jonti Horner was featured in Space Australia talking about the factors that demoted the former planet (poor Pluto…) and why it should be classified in a certain way. We still love you, Pluto.


Balancing coal, agriculture and the cost of living and farming in rural Australia.

  • Professor Geoff Cockfield spoke about this (and more!) in a new article for The Conversation.

From Queensland to the World.

  • The first segment in our new ‘Where in the World’ series was launched featuring Professor Jeff Dunn. The series will explore just how far the University of Southern Queensland’s research extends to. Stay tuned for *so much* more.

Weather warning.

  • Dr Christa Pudmenzky was featured in Cairns Post talking about there being nothing cool about climate change warming our winters. Worth a read.