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NewsFeed: 25 – 29 May

Our favourite time of the… week.

Your news fix from the University of Southern Queensland.


Starting the week with a very strange orbit.

  • A giant planet was discovered by one of our researchers. Need we say more? Deets via Geek Tech Online.


When it rains, it pours. Or does it?

  • Professor Roger Stone was heard across ABC News airwaves talking about why parts of Queensland continue to be drought-declared despite heavy LaNina rainfall.


A serving of royal realness.

  • Student Ally Zlatar was recently awarded The Princess Diana Legacy Award, highlighting her work addressing eating disorders through art. This was honoured by the Royal Family (and the actual Prince William, himself). If you don’t believe us, check it out for yourself.


Did someone say industry savvy graduates?

  • Yes, yes we did.


Grab some tissues… it’s time for happy tears.

  • We captured some of our first-year students talking about their love for us. No, really… they were.
Your news fix from the University of Southern Queensland.