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Experts available: Earth Day 2022

earth in cartoon form
University of Southern Queensland experts are available for comment on all things World Earth Day.

Earth Day 2022 will be celebrated by millions around the world tomorrow (April 22).
This year’s theme is #InvestInOurPlanet – a call for businesses, governments and individuals to invest in a better, greener future.

To arrange an interview with any of the following experts, contact Griffith Thomas 0423 234 822 or Sarah Green 0417 799 331, or email

Dr Kathryn Reardon-Smith, Senior Lecturer, School of Agriculture and Environmental Science can comment broadly on ecology, environment and climate risk management.

Dr Jarrod Kath, Senior Lecturer, School of Agriculture and Environmental Science can comment how climate change is threatening the global supply of coffee.

Dr Christina Birnbaum, Lecturer of Terrestrial Ecology, School of Agriculture and Environment can comment on invasive plant species ecology and plant-microbe interactions.

Dr Aletha Ward, Lecturer of Nursing, School of Nursing and Midwifery can comment on the environmental impacts of health care and what the sector is doing to improve carbon footprints and sustainability practises.

Dr Yong Goh, Senior Lecturer of Psychology, School of Psychology and Wellbeing can discuss how time spent in nature can increase psychological wellbeing and improve mental health.
*Please note Dr Goh is unavailable for interviews on April 21.

Professor Bernadette McCabe, Director of Centre for Agricultural Engineering can comment on the role of renewable gas in the decarbonisation of industries and how it will help combat emissions, as well as ways Australian agriculture is already participating in emission reduction.

Professor Jo-Anne Ferreira, Head of School and Dean, School of Education can comment on environmental education curriculum and pedagogy, and why investing more in educating young people about environment issues can help tackle climate change.

Dr Rhett Martin, Senior Lecturer of Law, School of Law and Justice can comment on human rights and environmental protection, the relationship between sustainability and the law, and balancing economic growth with ecological protection.

Andrew Maxwell, Associate Professor of Electronics and Communications Engineering, School of Engineering can discuss how carbon emissions are generated by online activity and share tips on how we can reduce our internet carbon footprint.

Dr Dean Mills, Senior Lecturer of Exercise Physiology, School of Health and Medical Services can comment on the effects of climate change on exercising, for instance increases in global temperatures and air pollution.

Stuart Biddle, Professor of Physical Activity and Health, Centre for Health Research can discuss how informal physical activity can reduce one's personal carbon footprint.