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Media News Bulletin

receipts and tax

Experts from the University of Southern Queensland are available for comment on the below topics.

To arrange an interview with any of the following experts, contact Griffith Thomas 0423 234 822 or Rhianwen Whitney 0427 428 380, or email

• Peter Phillips, Associate Professor of Finance and Banking, School of Business can comment on the cost of living, inflation and unemployment.

• Associate Professor Ben Lyons, Director of Rural Economies Centre of Excellence can comment on regional development, infrastructure, regional investment, carbon economy and agriculture.

• Dr Aletha Ward, Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery can comment on public health initiatives, mental health, social detriments of health and nursing workforce.

• Toni Brackin, Associate Professor of Accounting, School of Business can comment on tax reforms, superannuation and financial literacy. *Note – Associate Professor Brackin is unavailable for interviews on Wednesday (March 30).

• Professor John Cole OAM, Honorary Professor in the Institute for Resilient Regions can comment on the political fallout of the budget in regional areas.

• Jane Summers, Professor of Marketing, School of Business can comment on investments in tourism, regional tourism and cost of living impacts on tourism industry and travel.

• Suzanne Maloney, Associate Professor of Accounting, School of Business can discuss any key announcement from the Budget relating to superannuation.

• Stewart Riddle, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Pedagogy, School of Education can discuss how much funding has been allocated to schools.