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NewsFeed: 31 January – 4 February

And when we thought it couldn’t get busier than last week…

Surprise! It did. More stories, published everywhere.


How to cure your back pain… for good.

  • Professor Stuart Biddle was quoted in an article in UK’s The Telegraph. Might be ideal to stand up first before you read it, though.

Seeing stars (but really).

  • Our researchers are going on an exoplanet hunt to find the smallest of planets. Find out how via Space Australia (and yes, of course there’s specialised photometric cameras involved).

On the shortlist.

  • In case you missed it on our socials, we have been shortlisted to compete for a share in $242.7M in funding under the Federal Government’s new Trailblazer Universities Program. All the details in The Australian.


The (insightful) view from the paddock.

  • Honorary Professor John Cole OAM penned an article for Queensland Country Life discussing the best ways to maintain resilience in the face of COVID-19.

Spotlight’s on Brisbane 2032.

  • And the best part… how the Toowoomba Region and the University of Southern Queensland (yes, us!) could be involved. Feature via The Chronicle.


Vroom, vroom… did someone say electric car boom?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the mid-week space fix.

  • It’s a good one, too. Professor Jonti Horner was in ABC Science talking about the fact that Earth has a second Trojan asteroid lurking in its orbit. What now?!

These stories never cease to (almost) blow us away.

  • PhD student Lachlan Noller was been awarded a Higher Degree Research Capability Grant from the Queensland Defence Science Alliance to improve the capabilities of our hypersonic wind tunnel – so naturally, Space Australia had to get in on the media action.


A guide to appreciating wine.

  • Via Business World Online with the expertise of Wine Science Lecturer Ursula Kennedy. It’s a yes from us (and perfect timing for the weekend!).


Could there really be life on Mars?

  • New research says… it’s very possible. Space Australia, again, with the details.

Helping to solve Australia’s most complex national security problems.


And here’s to that! While we’re not exactly sure what next week will hold… one thing’s for certain. News.

electric car
A busy week in the media for our University of Southern Queensland experts.