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NewsFeed: 17 – 21 January

picturesque setting
The (media) week that was.

The (media) week that was.


Gifts of art… and the heart.


The name is Grant, Research Grant.


Now there is a bright idea.

  • Our researchers have developed a non-toxic, lava-like fire retardant coating. The world-first research was hot off the press via AuManufacturing.


How are business going through the COVID-19 Omicron wave?

AI to save A(ustralian)Lives.

  • Research into AI and diagnosing autism in children was featured in the Herald Sun.


Ever wondered where the edge of space is?

Having trouble finding sun-safe parks?

  • Smart technology developed by Associate Professor Nathan Downs (to produce a customised solar UV index shade profile) was covered in Government News.

Until next week (when we will be back with more), keep your eyes on our socials.