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NewsFeed: 17 – 21 January

New year, NewsFeed.

The (media) week that was.


Gifts of art… and the heart.


The name is Grant, Research Grant.


Now there is a bright idea.

  • Our researchers have developed a non-toxic, lava-like fire retardant coating. The world-first research was hot off the press via AuManufacturing.


How are business going through the COVID-19 Omicron wave?

  • Associate Professor Ben Lyons was interviewed about the economic impact for a story in The Chronicle.

AI to save A(ustralian)Lives.

  • Research into AI and diagnosing autism in children was featured in the Herald Sun.


Ever wondered where the edge of space is?

  • Turns out Professor Jonti Horner has too. His cosmic insights were featured in … you guessed it … Cosmos Magazine. And while we are talking about space, look up and check out his top stargazing tips via The Chronicle.

Having trouble finding sun-safe parks?

  • Smart technology developed by Associate Professor Nathan Downs (to produce a customised solar UV index shade profile) was covered in Government News.

Until next week (when we will be back with more), keep your eyes on our socials.

picturesque setting
The (media) week that was.