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Cross Institutional, Head Start, and Professional Development Students

Cross Institutional 

When you accept your application to study with UniSQ, we'll be enrol you into your course and send you an email when this process is complete. The email will step you through what you'll need to do next.  

The next steps include completion of your My Details Checklist and Commonwealth Assistance Forms (where applicable). If you'd like to see the steps for locating and completing these forms, follow along with our My Details Checklist and Commonwealth Assistance Form videos.

If you're enrolled in an on-campus course, or an external course that has an on-campus attendance requirement such as a residential school, you must also register for timetabled classes

Head Start

We'll let you know via email once you've been enrolled into your Head Start course.

As a Head Start student you must also complete your My Details Checklist and, if your course contains an on-campus component or is being completed on-campus, you must register for classes

If you'd like any assistance during your study you can contact our Head Start team.

Professional Development Students

Once you've been approved to study your single course, we'll email you to confirm your enrolment.

Commonwealth Support is not offered for Personal Development courses, however you'll need to complete the My Details Checklist

Once you've been enrolled you may also need to complete Class Registration if your course is being being held on-campus, or if your external enrolment has an on-campus component such as a residential school.

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If you're an Cross Institutional, Head Start, or Professional Development student and need further assistance, our iconnect concierges are available 7-days a week.