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Semester 3 Academic Calendar FAQs

As we begin the transition for 2024, there may be some impacts to the way Semester 3 courses are delivered at the end of 2023.

As we move from semesters to trimesters in 2023, there will be a 4-week overlap between Semester 3, 2023 and Trimester 1, 2024 (including O-Week). To manage the transition to the new academic calendar, and this overlap, some Semester 3 courses will be offered in a shortened mode (finishing before Trimester 1 begins), called the Transition (9-week) Semester 3, while others are being offered in alternative teaching periods.

Where courses are placement courses, or they are final year, final semester courses, they will generally be held in the standard (13-week) Semester 3.

Understanding the Semester 3 academic calendar

What are the key dates of the Transition (9-week) Semester 3?

The Transition (9-week) Semester 3 starts on 13 November, 2023 and ends on 12 January, 2024.

Key dates in the Transition (9-week) Semester 3 study period are:

  • Class registration opens: 5 October, 2023
  • Census date: 11 December, 2023
  • Weeks 1 – 6: Learning weeks (13 November – 24 December, 2023)
  • Week 7: Flexible Learning Week (Monday 25 December – Sunday 31 December, 2023). The flexible learning week contains no new teaching content, but there is an expectation that students will still be engaged with other aspects of study, which may include catching up, revision, and assessment progression/submission.
  • Week 8: Learning week (1-7 January, 2024)
  • Week 9: Assessment week (Monday 8 January – Friday 12 January, 2024)

Results Release for the Transition (9-week) Semester 3 will occur on Wednesday 31 January, 2024 to ensure you have adequate time to make a decision about your studies in Trimester 1.

2023 Transition (9-week) Semester 3 Calendar
Courses that are taught in the Transition (9-week) Semester 3 format will contain the same content as courses taught in the standard 13-week Semester model – there will be no reduction of content. This means that you will cover the same amount of learning content in the 9 weeks of the Transition Semester that you would usually cover in the 13 weeks of the standard Semester 3.

If you want to remain enrolled in the Transition (9-week) Semester 3 you won't need to do anything. Your enrolment will be transferred to the shortened delivery mode, and we will notify you once this has been finalised. 

If you are planning on studying during Semester 3 2023, we encourage you to consider the dates of the courses you are planning to study (when they are being run). 

View the UniSQ Course Specifications and Residential School Schedule for further information dates.

Please note, information about Trimester 1 course offerings will be available in the Handbook in October 2023.

If you are unable to enrol in the Semester 3 offerings of these courses in 2023, and cannot find a suitable alternative, then we will work with you to develop a plan for your studies to ensure you enrol in courses that will lead to the best outcomes for your study situation.

Below is the list of courses being taught in the Transition (9-week) Semester 3. This list does not include courses being taught in the standard Semester 3 (13-week).

Please consider whether the dates of this condensed version of Semester 3 will suit your circumstances.

ACC1201 Data Insights and Financial Performance
ANT1001 Cultural Diversity: an Introduction to Anthropology
AVN3500 Flight Operations Professional Practice
BIO1203 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
BIO1206 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
CIS1000 Digital Disruption
CIS5100 Professional Skills for Information Systems
CIS5101 Digital Enterprise
CIS5209 Systems Analysis for IT Professionals
CIS5310 IS/ICT Project Management
CIS8011 Digital Innovation
CIS8018 Cyber Security
CIS8504 Blockchain Fundamentals
CIS8710 Human Factors in Cyber Security
CSC1401 Foundation Programming
CSC3400 Database Systems
CSC5020 Foundations of Programming
CSC6002 Big Data Management
CSC6003 Machine Learning
CWR1001 Writing Good Prose
CWR1003 Writing for Young Readers
ECL1100 Language Development and Early Literacy Learning
ECL3100 Intercultural Communication in Early Learning Contexts
ECM1100 Early Mathematical Thinking
EDC2300 Assessment Practices for Secondary
EDC2400 Educating Learners with Special Needs Across Contexts
EDC4000 Preparing for the Profession
EDH2152 Health and Wellbeing
EDM5001 Understanding Learners and Learning
EDM5003 Science Curriculum & Pedagogical Studies
EDM5004 Curriculum and Pedagogy for Junior Secondary
EDM5005 Mathematics Curriculum & Pedagogical Studies 1
EDM5006 Signature Pedagogies
EDM5010 Literacy Learning in the Early Years
EDM5100 HPE and Wellbeing Curriculum and Pedagogical Studies 1
EDM8000 Assessment for Learning
EDM8001 STEM Curriculum and Pedagogy
EDM8003 Health and Physical Education Curriculum and Pedagogy
EDM8004 Teacher Identity
EDM8006 Curriculum and Pedagogical Studies 2: Arts & Technologies
EDM8007 Literacies Learning in Diverse Contexts
EDM8009 Humanities and the Arts Curriculum and Pedagogy
EDM8010 Curriculum and Pedagogy for Senior Secondary
EDM8017 Relating and Inquiring in Infant and Toddler Education and Care Contexts
EDM8018 Leading in Early Childhood
EDM8020 Arts and Technology through Play
EDO3500 Alternate Professional Experience
EDP4200 The Reflective Practitioner
EDR8061 Master of Education Project
EDR8801 Foundations of Research in Education
EDR8802 Foundation Methods for Research in Education
EDS4250 Literacies Across the Curriculum
EDU3325 Understanding Child Abuse and Neglect for Helping Professionals
EDU3335 Managing Emotional and Behavioural Problems of Young People in the Helping Professions
EDU4160 Numeracy, Literacy and STEM in Early Childhood
EDU5321 Educating Students with Special Needs
EDU5324 Trauma, Behaviour and Learning
EDU5325 Child Abuse and Neglect: Intervention, Protection and Prevention
EDU5335 Emotional and Behavioural Problems of Children and Adolescents
EDU8320 Rights and Responsibilities of School Leaders
EDU8328 Consultation and Communication: Theory and Practice
EDU8338 Autism
EDX1000 Early Reading Instruction
EDX1250 Arts Curriculum and Pedagogy 1: Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts
EDX2260 Teaching Science in Early Primary
EDX3160 Teaching Science and Design Technology
EDX3280 Mathematics in Middle and Upper Primary
EDX4150 Transitions in Post-Compulsory Education
EHM1200 Mathematics in Early Primary
EHT4100 Digital Technologies Across the Curriculum
ENG5002  Professional Skills for Australian Engineering Workplace 
ENG6207 Innovation Management and New Product Development
ENL1000 Introduction to Literature
EPF3100 Teaching in Alternative Contexts
EPM4100 Mathematics in Context
ESI4100 Promoting Inclusive Practices
ESN4200 Numeracy and Learning Analytics
ESP2200 Senior Secondary Curriculum and Pedagogy
GIS1402 Geographic Information Systems
GPL2901 GIS and Planning Practice 1
GPL3902 GIS and Planning Practice 2
HAC1000 (was CMS1000) The Skilful Communicator (was Communication and Scholarship)
HIS1000 World History to 1500 CE
HSW1500 Collective Action and Community Development
INR1000 Introduction to International Relations
JRN1010 Analysing News and Media
MGT1101 Human Capabilities for Business
MKT1100 Customer Experience
RET3000 Cults and Sects: Exploring Good and Evil
SVY2902 Surveying and Spatial Science Practice 2
SVY2903 Surveying and Spatial Science Practice 3
SVY3904 Surveying and Spatial Science Practice 4