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Energy management

With on-campus energy consumption, generating more than 80% of the University's carbon emissions there is a strong commitment to energy conservation, efficiency and emissions reduction. As a large-scale consumer of energy (electricity and gas) the direct focus for the University's environmental initiatives has centred on demand management (reducing electricity usage) and on campus generation.

Our approach to energy management is centred on reducing the University's greenhouse gas emissions, energy related costs and consumption.

Some of the energy reduction initiatives undertaken by the university in recent years include:

  • Continuous upgrading of campus lighting systems to LED (light emitting diode)
  • Progressive roll-out of solar PV to offset the energy demand profile
  • Installation of web-enabled power management and sub-metering
  • Building Management and control system upgrades to enable system monitoring and efficient operation

Sustainable Energy Solution Project

The University has taken positive action to offset its energy requirements by installing a Sustainable Energy Solution. The project represents a significant investment into the three communities UniSQ is part of, providing a ‘real-world experience’ that delivers a measurable reduction in long-term energy-related emissions and costs, as well as an enhanced platform for research, learning and teaching.

The 2 megawatt solar project continues to reduce the University’s total carbon emissions by approximately 20 per cent per year. Annual performance of  the Sustainable Energy Solution continues to exceed the minimum energy generation performance guarantee. 

Renewable energy generated from the system is 10,558.76MWh (as of 31 Dec 2020) offsetting the University’s emissions by 8477.70tCO2-e since the system went live in June 2017.The 2MW solar array project actively demonstrates the University’s commitment to its social responsibilities and to improving environmental performance.

Our commitment is winning awards
The Sustainable Energy Solution was recently recognised at the Clean Energy Council Solar Design and Installation awards, with Autonomous Energy taking out the ‘Over 240kW’ category for the solar car park project.
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