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About the School of Health and Medical Sciences

The School of Health and Medical Sciences is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to enable individuals to meet current and future needs associated with shaping, promoting and maintaining a healthy society. Programs delivered by the School include biomedical science, medical laboratory science, sports and exercise, clinical exercise physiology, paramedicine and human services. The strength of each program is that content is evidenced based, practice-focused and designed to appeal to people of all ages, cultures and societies.

  • The Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science emphasise the development of theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable graduates to contribute to advances in medical research or the diagnosis of human diseases.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate Sports and Exercise programs have a strong focus on health and fitness across the lifespan and include practical and theoretical content surrounding the science of fitness and exercise, nutrition, psychology and management. The Clinical Exercise Physiology program enables students to develop skills to gain employment in areas such as rehabilitation (medical or sport), chronic disease and disability.