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About the School of Engineering

The School of Engineering is the home to quality Engineering education and cutting-edge research studies, providing an engaging and dynamic environment for staff and students to develop pioneering Engineering solutions.

Teaching and Research facilities in Toowoomba and Springfield campuses have been designed across a variety of Engineering disciplines such as Civil and Materials, Mechanical and Electrical, Robotic and Automation, to enhance brain storming, critical thinking, and communication skills of Engineering students. The laboratories and facilities provide an active learning environment to engage with research as well as industry, community, and schools. As an Engineering student you will engage with high quality staff who has a world class reputation for excellence in research, impactful collaboration with community and industry, and innovation approaches to teaching and learning.     

The school of Engineering offers on-campus and online programs to students with diverse backgrounds, leading to exceptional and rewarding careers including Graduate Engineer and Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng). The Master of Engineering Practice program (MEPR) is a unique pathway to CPEng for students with industry experience. 

Within its accredited Engineering programs ranging from professional level to associate degree level  with the career pathways of Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist and Engineering Associate, the School provides opportunities for students to major in: Civil Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Engineering Management and Enterprise, Instrumentation Control and Automation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering, Mining Engineering, Power Engineering and Structural Engineering. In addition, the School of Engineering offers postgraduate programmes for advanced engineering specialisations in the levels of diplomas, masters by course work, Master of Research and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). UniSQ’s Engineering programs are accredited with the Engineers Australia and are recognised under signatory organisations of the International Engineering Alliance accords around the world (International engineering Alliance- Washington, Sydney and Dublin Accords); meaning our graduates can be recognised by signatories in other countries.

The School of Engineering also works closely with the research institutes and centres including Institutes for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences, Centre for Future Materials and Centre for Agricultural Engineering to expand the boundaries of knowledge and to undertake research studies in specific areas such as sustainable materials, waste management, automation, energy and resource engineering and space sciences, making positive impacts on Queensland regions and the world.

Academic staff use a range of technologies and well-proven strategies to motivate, support and engage with students. The school’s close association with industry and the industry relevance of its courses ensure high employability of our graduates. If you wish to make a change in the world, then come and achieve a brilliant engineering career with the University of Southern Queensland!