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A new chance to help others
Healthcare professionals working in a hospital setting.

Returning to study a Bachelor of Nursing after working in occupational health and safety, Samuel Du Preez can’t wait to become a registered nurse. Samuel’s biggest influence was a nurse who provided palliative care for his grandma. 

‘The care he provided was so patient, family centred and highly respectful. I wanted to be able to replicate that care to another family one day.’

Samuel gained casual employment at two nursing homes following his first aged care placement which was a part of his studies. He also works at a hospital as a casual undergraduate nurse. 

‘I find that the work compliments study and they really build off one another. It’s a chance to apply what I’ve learnt and gain exposure to the industry and to terminology. My dream is to work in an acute surgical ward one day. Nursing is such a diverse and challenging career that can take you to so many different places and you can make such a difference in people’s lives.’

Nursing & Allied Health
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