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2 countries in 2 semesters
UniSQ student, Rueben Caudell loved his experience studying abroad.

Receiving the prestigious Australian Government New Colombo Plan scholarship, Reuben seized this opportunity to study abroad in Malaysia and India to further his career aspiration of working in health and medicine overseas.

During his study of UniSQ's Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Reuben believed that to get the most out of his degree and to achieve his career dreams, studying abroad was the right path to take.

'I found that my trip helped me discover myself as a person, and that I was growing! As I explored each country, I developed a better understanding of the world, and knowledge of cultures and customs that are separate to those in Australia.'

Being overseas can come with quite the culture shock, and many challenges can arise at any moment. This motivated Reuben to act and experience every opportunity which became his lifetime memories.

'During my time in Malaysia, I was invited to a traditional Chinese New Year celebration. This involved eating amazing food, drinking tea, and setting off little fireworks and crackers.'

'In Delhi I helped fly kites on the flat roof of my apartment on Independence Day, which was a wonderful experience.'

'Make friends when you arrive overseas. Having people to support and look after you while you adjust to living in a new location is important. I did not expect to leave with so many good friends.'

Before his overseas trip, he would describe himself as quite an introverted person. He now has more confidence in himself and trusts in his abilities to achieve his goals.

Reuben was awarded the Faculty medal upon graduation at UniSQ and is now pursuing a degree in medicine.