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Rasha is passionate about making sure everyone understands the laws that govern us.
Rasha standing near a UnISQ sign at uni.

Rasha is passionate about helping others, she wants to educate our society on Australian law so it is better understood by everyone – specifically by those who might have grown up in another country. To work towards her goal, Rasha enrolled in the Bachelor of Laws at UniSQ.

“I knew immediately that I wanted to be a UniSQ graduate. It was easy to get started and begin my law study journey, the University has amazing administrative and academic staff.

“UniSQ law school allows students to choose how they want to study, I chose to study online and it has been great,” she said.

Now a few years into her study, Rasha has thrown herself into the world of law by taking on the position of Vice-President in the UniSQ Toowoomba Law Society and working as a paralegal at the Department of Child Safety. 
“My studies have opened doors and created opportunities for me. I use the education and writing techniques that I learnt through university in my current job. I enjoy my work and the challenge of each case.”