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Inspiring a newfound career path.
Laura is standing outside at night time with a telescope.

Since high school Laura Crosby has had an interest in maths and science, which let her to study a Bachelor of Science at UniSQ.  During her studies Laura discovered her love of teaching when she became a UniSQ Meet-Up leader, giving her the opportunity to teach other first year students physics and astronomy. This experience inspired a newfound career path and Laura is now studying her postgraduate qualifications in education. With a goal of becoming a secondary maths and physics teacher in rural Queensland, she looks forward to sharing her passion with others.

‘There is a shortage of good maths and science teachers so I want to make a difference. Teaching is so important as it lays the foundation for all other jobs.’

‘As a university student my biggest motivator is to do really well so I can become a good teacher. I am always asking questions in class so, one day, I will be able to explain concepts to my students.’