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Budgeting basics

Save, plan ahead and stay positive about your budget!
A hand inserting a coin into a pink piggy bank with the words "budgeting basics" displayed above.

When it comes to managing a budget there’s a lot of advice available, so sometimes it pays to take it back to basics. Our Welfare Officers have compiled their top budgeting tips to help you save where you can so that you can spend where you need (and want) to. From bargain hunting at the op-shop to meal-planning and shopping lists, these simple tips will help you save big over time.

1. Make a shopping list

Before you hit the shops, prepare a shopping list and stick to it!

2. Plan your weekly meals

Get organised ahead of time with cheap cuts of meat, pasta or different vegies!

3. Get everyone involved

Tell your friends and family that you’re trying to save money and plan cheap activities with them.

4. Needs Vs wants

Think before you buy treats, is this a need or a want? Could this money be put towards your goal?

5. Refill and reuse

Use a refillable water bottle or fill a thermos with your favourite hot beverage!

6. Think of the big picture

Are you trying to save money for something big? It’ll help keep you motivated.

7. Go bargain hunting

Check out op shops for those bargain buys on things like furniture, clothes, white goods and accessories!

8. Ask for help

If your finances do fall apart, it is ok to ask for help! Welfare Officers know what they’re doing and know how to help you.

For more information and budgeting help, contact the Student Services Welfare Officer at your nearest UniSQ campus or email

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