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Dream Team: Helping Researchers Grow
Alyce sitting at her desk at home, working on her computer.

Serving with pride

Alyce Lotz joined us as a Student Ambassador in 2009, after graduating with a Bachelor of Business. Little did she know that it would be the first step in a decade-long career with us across Branding, Marketing, Student Services and Graduate Research.

In her current role as Senior Graduate Research Student Officer, Alyce Lotz helps students navigate any number of hurdles relating to enrolment, data collection, mental health services or research team workloads. She’s clearly passionate about delivering the best student experience possible. Key to this, Alyce shares, is building relationships. 

'We bring energy, kindness and support to our students. We want them to come back to us whenever they need assistance. Our aim is to equip them to become the best researchers they can be. We’ve followed many throughout their entire degree, helping them every step of the way. That’s why graduation is such a big deal for us. It’s so exciting to see our students taking the next step.'

A close-knit team

An energetic and positive character, it’s no wonder Alyce thrives when her relationships are strong. And her bond with her team at the Graduate Research School is no exception.

'This is the best team I’ve ever worked in. Nothing measures up to what we have at the Graduate Research School. I’m holding on tight. I’ve finally found a place where I'm happy every day, and I don’t think twice about coming to work. We all have each other’s back - we trust each other and all help to do what needs to be done. Out of everyone in life, you spend the most time with your colleagues,  so they become your family and friends. Our environment is full of love, food and storytelling. I just love it.'

Alyce points to her supervisors for shaping their positive workplace culture.

'Our supervisors are amazing. They’re so compassionate and understanding of our team and our students. It’s been greatly appreciated during COVID-19. It helps that they are both Psychologists!'

A career with meaning

Looking back on the last eleven years with UniSQ, Alyce says that she wouldn’t be where she is today if she hadn’t embraced the opportunity to become a UniSQ Student Ambassador. This was a catalyst for a career which was fuelled by the several diverse secondments that followed.

'It all started with choosing to study at UniSQ, and then being recognised as a Student Ambassador. I hold this dear to my heart. Without that opportunity, I wouldn’t be here now - and I don’t feel I would be as happy in my career. So I highly recommend the Student Ambassador program because you never know how your career could blossom from there.'

As Alyce looks towards the future, she says she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

'Honestly, I never saw myself staying in Toowoomba. You grow up, go through school and then expect to move away. It really surprises me that I’m still so happy here. It’s the connections I’ve made - with staff and students - and being able to support students every single day. I get to help people achieve their goals - and that means so much to me. And when they graduate - that’s the cherry on top. And you know what? There’s so much more to learn! I’ll keep growing in my role and in this team because I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.'

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