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Atar results - next steps

It’s official: you have an ATAR.

That’s a huge accomplishment.
Congratulations on all of your hard work to reach this point!

You might be excited, disappointed, surprised or strangely calm – or a complete mix of emotions. No matter how you’ve done, one thing is true: you can finally put aside all of the speculation and nailbiting about your ranking. You’ve got your number and – when you’re ready – you can start thinking about your future in concrete reality.

What happens next will be different for every student, but it all starts with how your results matches up with your goals.

Here’s what to do, no matter what ATAR you’ve achieved.

Well done and high five! Assuming you’ve secured all the prerequisites for the course you’ve listed as your top preference and your ATAR falls into the minimum selection rank, nothing really needs to change. Keep your dream course at #1, add Orientation to your calendar, relax and wait for an offer letter.

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First off, don’t panic – you still have heaps of options. Your ATAR isn’t the one-and-only factor in your future success (trust us on this one!). The truth is, sometimes things don’t go as planned, no matter what you do.

Begin by focusing your mind on your end goal. Then start mapping out pathways that will get you there. Often, you can start a degree that’s similar to your dream course, then transfer into the course you really want after just six months or a year. In many cases, you can transfer straight into 2nd year subjects, so you won’t even lose any time.

If you need help with pathways, check out how to contact us below.

There’s no reason to remove your dream courses from the top of your preference list – you won’t risk anything by keeping it at #1 – but think carefully about your second and third preferences.

Here are some options you might like to explore:

  • See if you’re eligible for adjustment factors, which can help add bonus aggregate points to your raw score
  • Enrol in a pathway course with similar foundation subjects, then maintain a solid grade average and transfer in the second or third year.

Even if the route to your dream course involves a detour or sidestep, have confidence in yourself that you can still reach your destination.

Perhaps you got a higher ATAR than you thought you would? Maybe your interests have changed? Perhaps a double-degree sounds intriguing? Or it could be that you’re thinking about the value in doing a gap year.

It’s in your power right now to preference a different course – so think big!

It’s all a bit overwhelming right now, we get it. Both you (and your parents) need time to process your results, understand the QTAC process and unpack what your ATAR results mean for this next phase of your life.

It’s not all just about number, after all – it’s important to know what life at university is really like, from accommodation services to clubs and societies, as well as how university will prepare you for your future career.

That’s why we run Information Sessions and will be available throughout the change of preference period via our Future Student Contact Centre, so you can come talk through your options and get some expert advice in person.

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