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Media and Communication degrees

Design and Interactive Technologies degrees


The way in which we engage with our devices, receive data, interact with media and communicate with people is ever-evolving. To meet the needs in this dynamic industry, app design, graphics and animation, virtual reality and digital production and projects are getting more sophisticated and intuitive, requiring professionals who have cutting-edge skills. Blend a passion for creativity, design and information technology into a qualification to prepare you for future digital demand, with UniSQ's innovative, industry-relevant, and engaging Design and Interactive Technology degrees.

Explore UniSQ's Design and Interactive Technologies degrees

What is Design and Interactive Technologies?
Design and interactive media and technologies sits under our Media and Communication study area and it delves into the convergence of design principles using cutting-edge technologies to create engaging and immersive user experiences. This field encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including graphic design, user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, and interactive media. The goal is not just to make things look aesthetically pleasing, but also to ensure they function seamlessly and intuitively, fostering meaningful interactions between users and digital platforms.
What is the focus of the Design and Interactive Technologies degrees at UniSQ?

At UniSQ, our graphic design degree provides students with comprehensive training encompassing what one would gain from a graphic design course, animation course, digital production degree, and a virtual reality degree, thereby honing their skills across these pivotal fields. Discover our degrees:

Bachelor of Communication and Media (Software Application Development) - Gain the skills you need to use software engineering techniques to produce quality software solutions and explore programming languages, database systems and disruptive technologies.

Bachelor of Design and Interactive Technologies (Apps & Interactive Systems Development) - Through apps development, game environment production, and exploring augmented systems, you will develop the cutting-edge skills required for entry and success in these emerging and exciting fields.

Bachelor of Design and Interactive Technologies (Digital Media) - Develop your creativity as well as analytical and technical skills, and build a portfolio of work in digital media and interactive system design, animation and production, and digital media content/project management.

Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Application Development) - The Software Application Development major allows you to explore web technology, techniques and database systems; to learn how to plan and manage large software projects; and provides a rounded skillset ready for the workforce.

Why study Design and Interactive Technologies at UniSQ?

If you’re looking to study graphic design or even studying graphic design online, UniSQ is the ideal place. Studying Design and Interactive Technologies at UniSQ allows students to blend their passion for creativity, design, and information technology into a qualification that prepares them for the future digital demands. Our degrees are innovative, industry-relevant, and engaging, offering a platform for you to develop skills in interactive media, graphic design, and digital media production. 

  • UniSQ is rated 5/5 stars for communication graduates starting salaries*
  • The educational experience for our Media and Communications students is 5/5 stars for:
    • learning resources
    • overall educational experience
    • skills development
    • teaching quality.*

(Good Universities Guide 2024).

What kind of skills can I develop through the Design and Interactive Technologies degrees?

The skills and knowledge you will develop will vary depending on the degree and major your choose, but some of theses skills include:

  • graphic design
  • 3D modelling and animation
  • interactive media design
  • motion graphics
  • communication
  • problem solving
  • entrepreneurship
  • project management.
Are there opportunities for students to collaborate with industry professionals during the course?
Yes, the curriculum is tailored to meet the evolving needs of sectors such as app design, graphic design, animation, virtual reality, and digital production. We emphasise the blend of creativity, design, and information technology, ensuring you are equipped with cutting-edge skills. We have a strong network of industry collaboration, though specific partnerships and programs which provide amply opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals. Whether you choose to study graphic design online or on-campus at UniSQ you'll experience the same level of opportunity to network and collaborate with others.
What are the career opportunities for graduates with Design and Interactive Technologies degrees at UniSQ?

All of our degrees focus on developing your ability to apply the skills and knowledge you’ve gained to the career of your choice. Graduating with a Design and Interactive Technologies qualification from UniSQ opens up many career prospects. The jobs you may be interested in will vary depending on the degree and major you choose to study. Roles may include:

  • animator
  • graphic designer
  • motion graphics designer
  • web designer
  • user experience (UX) designer
  • user interface (UI) designer
  • interactive media creative artist.
Are flexible study options available?
UniSQ understands the need for flexibility in our Design and Interactive Technologies degrees. We provide a range of study options to cater to diverse needs, including on-campus, external, and online graphic design courses depending on the degree you choose. Whether you prefer to study part-time or full-time, we offer the flexibility to balance your education with other commitments.