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Civil Engineering overview

Have you ever stopped to think who planned, designed and managed the construction of our highways, bridges, dams and airports? In nearly all cases a Civil Engineer has likely been involved. Whether you want to focus on transport systems, designing large structures like bridges, tunnels or buildings, or project managing complex infrastructure projects, we can provide you with the necessary technical and practical skill to get your Civil Engineering career underway. There’s no better place to study civil engineering in Australia than UniSQ!

Explore UniSQ's Civil Engineering degrees

The green concrete revolution

The race is on for industry to find a more sustainable way to produce cement and concrete. Effectively using reactive industrial wastes, such as fly ash and slag, to produce geopolymer will see the concrete industry move towards sustainability in the near future.
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What is civil engineering?

Civil engineering is an engineering discipline involved in designing, planning, and implementing strategies for civil infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and water supply systems. Civil engineers are a vital part of this process, mainly designing and supervising the construction of these projects.

Why study civil engineering?

A civil engineering degree from UniSQ can become a stepping stone for a rewarding career in civil infrastructure. From road construction, bridge completion to water supply management, studying civil engineering will give you the opportunity to move into a multifaceted career that is an essential part of everyday modern life. 

At UniSQ, we offer a wide range of civil engineering degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

  • We are revolutionising the Australian infrastructure industry through civil composites research.
  • UniSQ's research in civil engineering has been rated as world class (ERA Results)
  • In engineering and technology, UniSQ is number one in Queensland for graduates in full-time employment and graduate starting salary (Good Universities Guide 2024).
What does a civil engineer do?

At UniSQ, you’ll have the opportunity to carve out your own career in civil engineering. Whether you decide to study on campus or study a civil engineering degree online, we pride ourselves on facilitating a diverse, inclusive, supportive and flexible environment for all students.

A civil engineer uses their multifaceted skillset to design and oversee the construction of several essential modern infrastructure projects. Whether it’s road construction, bridge completion or water supply management, a civil engineer is at the forefront of modern city development.

When you follow your passion for civil engineering at UniSQ, you will open yourself up to many varied civil engineering career paths, including:

  • Construction officer
  • Roads operator and maintenance officer
  • Industrial and manufacturing plant manager
  • Bridge and building supervisor
  • Technologist
  • Water supply scheme officer.
How do I choose which civil engineering degree is right for me?

At UniSQ, we believe in following your passion. To choose the best civil engineering degree for you, you should focus on finding the right career path for you and combining that with your academic strengths. At the end of the day, we are here to nurture your passion and carve out a career path that will best serve you in the future. Get in touch with us if you need more support and guidance when choosing a civil engineering degree.

What are the pathways to studying engineering at UniSQ?

We know that every student has a different path to university study — so that’s why we offer several pathways to starting a civil engineering degree. At UniSQ, whether you just finished high school, have taken a break from study, or have a VET, TAFE or other relevant qualification, you can find the perfect path to study. We want you to thrive in your dream career, so feel free to browse our pathways program for more information and find your ideal path into higher education.

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