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Victorian Building Authority Research Grant Program 2022

The VBA invites researchers at Australian educational institutions to apply for grants of financial and/or in-kind support for research that will assist in reducing moisture ingress and water damage in Victorian buildings.

Moisture ingress and water damage to buildings as a result of building and plumbing work across different stages of the building life cycle continues to be an issue affecting Victorian residential buildings. Moisture ingress and water damage in buildings is linked to negative impacts on human health and amenity, as well as building structural integrity.

The VBA is looking to support research that will find, or contribute to, new and innovative solutions to minimise moisture ingress and water damage, and help provide the evidence base to inform regulatory decisions and improvements to the building regulatory system and the quality of the built environment in Victoria.

The VBA is inviting grant applications for research that will help lead to reductions in moisture ingress and water damage in Victorian buildings through:


  • improved building and plumbing practices
  • improved skills and competencies for building practitioners, plumbing practitioners and tradespersons
  • potential reforms to codes, standards and the regulatory framework.
A cap for research grants (for individual projects and the overall program) has not been set.

The VBA Board will decide on successful applicants and how much support (financial and/or in-kind) they will receive. The level of funding will be dictated by the scale and complexity of the proposed research, the anticipated research impact and benefits to the community and industry, opportunities for other parties to contribute financial and/or in-kind support to the research, and competing fiscal priorities.

The VBA Board may decide to only partially fund proposed research, or to offer a lower amount than that requested by an applicant.