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Greenwood-Tomkys Scholarship in Midwifery

In support of a student commencing their studies in the Bachelor of Midwifery (Graduate Entry), UniSQ will offer one Greenwood-Tomkys Scholarship in Midwifery, in 2024.

The Greenwood-Tomkys Fund originated from the Estate of the late Betty Greenwood and was established in collaboration with her sister, the late Valery Tomkys. The fund is dedicated to the memory of the Tomkys family and Betty's spouse Jim. Betty and Valery, along with their sister Lesley, are the children of Jack and Mary Tomkys, who resided in Toowoomba for an extended period and whom also had agricultural interests in Murphy’s Creek.

The fund serves as a means to offer bursaries, scholarships, and additional educational support to students specialising in nursing and various allied health professions. Financial assistance is granted to students facing economic challenges in pursuing their studies.

The Greenwood-Tomkys Scholarship in Midwifery will have a maximum value of $16 000 to be paid over two years.