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CSIRO Industry PhD Program Scholarship

The CSIRO Industry PhD Program (iPhD) aims to produce the next generation of innovation leaders with the skills to work at the interface of research and industry in Australia. 

Successful students are subject to the policies, procedures and guidelines of the participating university in addition to the CSIRO Industry PhD Program terms and conditions. Students will receive a standard PhD on completion.

Project Title: Call Centre Service Training and Quality Improvement System

Project Description: Call centre operators deal with clients experiencing distress, sometimes severe; these include the frail elderly, people experiencing mental health episodes and victims of violence. The quality of interaction during that point of service is critical for optimal outcomes. The Project will develop algorithms that can monitor both the caller's and callee's vocal properties to provide the operator feedback on the appropriateness of their response.

Primary Location of Student: University of Southern Queensland Qld 4300

Other Potential Locations: CSIRO Herston, Qld 4029

Industry Engagement Component Location: Tunstall Healthcare, Qld 4009


  • Admission to a university PhD program.
  • Supervision by the participating university, CSIRO, and an industry partner.
  • A four year scholarship package totalling $46,000 per annum (2024 rate).  
  • A four year Project Expense and Development package of $13,000 per annum. 
  • A three month industry engagement component with the industry partner. 
  • A structured professional development and training program to develop your applied research skills.