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ARC Discovery Project Funded PhD Scholarship in Carbon Fibre Composites

Scholarships will be awarded to create high-performance thermoplastic composites in the following areas.

1.    Carbon fibre and thermoplastic matrix interface design and engineering, including carbon fibre sizing, chemical grafting, and nano-reinforcement;
2.    Carbon fibre/thermoplastic composites manufacturing, including prototyping, manufacturing processes, industrial viability, and recyclability analyses.

UniSQ Centre for Future Materials (CFM) has gained a reputation for pioneering research and development in advanced composite manufacturing, civil composites, smart materials, and geopolymer & concrete. 
These PhD scholarships offer the opportunity to work alongside leading researchers within UniSQ CFM on a topic at the forefront of advanced composites and will have access to a range of professional development initiatives.
• Stipend of AUD $33,000.00
• Maximum period of tenure of an award is 3 years. Periods of study already undertaken towards the degree will be deducted from the period of tenure.