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Broadacre Cropping Initiative

A research partnership between the University of Southern Queensland and the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

In December 2014, the University and the Department entered into a broadacre grains RD&E partnership to build synergies, critical mass and research capacity to enhance the delivery to Queensland's cropping industries. The partnership focused on specific fields of wheat pathology, winter crop nematology, summer grain pathology, agricultural engineering and agricultural systems modelling.

From this time, the BACI partnership has proven to be an efficient and effective research alliance for the Queensland broadacre cropping industries. 

BACI's vision and purpose

Our vision is to provide strategic leadership to ensure Queensland Crop and Food Science RD&E is world class and positions Queensland broadacre cropping and food industries for the future.

Our purpose is to enhance Queensland's broadacre cropping industry capability and capacity for sustainable broadacre crop industries.

Research Themes

Crop Health
Soil-Water Interactions
Agricultural Systems Modelling
Agricultural Technology

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is a funder of research and development services for the broadacre industry through the University of Southern Queensland.

The Department's vision is for Queensland to be a world-leading provider of high-quality, safe and sustainably produced food and fibre.