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Research Masterclass - Pitching Responsible Science

Presented by Professor Robert Faff, Bond University and The University of Queensland
21 AUG 2024
10.00 AM - 12.00 PM
Online via Zoom

This talk provides a brief primer on two related topics: 

  1. “Responsible Science” – resting on the three core pillars of (a) credible research; (b) relevant research; & (c) independent research.
  2. “Pitching Research” framework [PRF] – a research planning framework that challenges a (novice) researcher to communicate their early research ideas effectively to an academic field expert.  The PRF aims to lay a solid and basic foundation stone, simultaneously serving as: 
  • an enduring compass for all researchers on the “hazardous” journey of scientific discovery.
  • a simple enabling tool to convey research plans in line with the principles of “Responsible Science”.

Prof. Faff is a well-known professor and researcher in the area of empirical finance and accounting research, with signature work in asset pricing, corporate finance and capital markets. His “Pitching Research” framework has been widely used by HDR students and researchers.

For more information, please contact the Research Training officer.