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Experts explore innovations in education technology

A new podcast dives into the shifting landscape of digital learning

The covid-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated the way technology is used in higher education.

Now, continued leaps forward in digital learning presents both challenges and opportunities for change.

University of Southern Queensland experts are now helping their fellow educators to understand how to embrace the new style of digital learning through a podcast.

Balancing The Shift is hosted by senior education technology advisor Dr Julie Lindsay and senior lecturer Dr Lisa Jacka.

The University of Southern Queensland experts said the podcast was a result of their passion for digital learning and its ability to transform learning for students.

“We search out current and relevant topics in digital learning and discuss where and how educators can improve what is offered to students in higher education,” Dr Lindsay said.

“This is an exciting exploration into what it means to be part of the shift in how educational technology is shaping our lives inside and outside of educational settings.”

The podcast has so far tackled topics such as the use of AI and how best to deliver asynchronous teaching.

Dr Jacka said the latest episode dived into learning environments and how technology can transform these places and spaces.

She said adaption of education technology allowed for increased choice and flexibility for learners.

“It is about how we can cleverly design our learning environments so our students have more accessible, flexible, and equivalent learning experiences,” she said.

All episodes of Balancing the Shift are available.

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Experts explore innovations in education technology