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From The Vice-Chancellor's Desk

A reflection on the University of Southern Queensland being announced as a Trailblazer University.

By Professor Geraldine Mackenzie.

"The University of Southern Queensland is very pleased to be named a successful recipient under the Australian Government’s Trailblazer Universities Program, one of only six in Australia, and the only one in Space.

Together with our partner universities – the Australian National University and the University of South Australia – we will help ensure our country’s sovereign capability in space and launch grows well into the future, providing significant boosts to the national and regional economy.

The project buildings on the University of Southern Queensland’s leadership in areas of hypersonics, advanced materials, and astrophysics.

The University is very pleased to contribute to the National Manufacturing Priorities, particularly in an emerging area of such significance for our future."

Read more about the University of Southern Queensland as a Trailblazer in space research.

Executives at the University of Southern Queensland.
Attendees at the University of Southern Queensland's Trailblazer University announcement.