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Top student makes moves towards medical career

University of Southern Queensland student Aaron Palmer.

For Toowoomba’s Aaron Palmer, it was altruism that drove his dream of becoming a doctor.

And now Mr Palmer has taken his first steps on his journey into the medical profession, starting a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Southern Queensland.

Mr Palmer said he was looking forward to a time when he could give back to the community.

“At school, there was a period of a couple of months where one of my friends was diagnosed with cancer and a couple of others were really struggling with their mental health,” Mr Palmer said.

“I saw how one person’s health could impact so many.

“The feeling of wanting to help is what sparked my interest in biomedical science and medicine – I’m really excited to be here.”

After deciding on a direction, Mr Palmer focused on his studies and achieved stellar grades.

He was consequently awarded a University of Southern Queensland Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship, which is used to support outstanding academic achievers.

“When I learnt I had been awarded the scholarship, it was like Christmas had come early,” Mr Palmer said.

“It’s a big help knowing that things like my textbooks and course materials are covered – really makes me feel like I’ve got a head start.

“I also like the fact that I will be studying at the Toowoomba campus. It’s nice to be able to stay near home and family.”

Mr Palmer said he was excited to meet new people and make connections through the degree.

“Biomedical science was the perfect choice for me, because not only is it a pathway to medicine, (but) it can also lead to other areas should I choose to go in a different direction,” he said.

“There’s a long road ahead, but at the end of the day, if it’s something I want, I will always stick it out.”

The University of Southern Queensland’s Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences aims to provide education and training for a career in biotechnology and medical research. It is also the perfect stepping stone for students wanting to undertake the Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT).

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