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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Tutorial Assistance

The aim of the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme (ITAS) is to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to participate equitably in your chosen field of study. Qualified tutors will work with you to assist your academic needs. 

ITAS is a free program for UniSQ students as it is funded under a contract between UniSQ and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and is administered by the College for First Nations.

Tutoring times and locations

Currently, eligible students may access up to 2 hours per week per subject of tutorial assistance during the teaching period. Where required, a limited number of additional hours can be made available to assist with exam preparation each semester.

Typically, tutoring is one-to-one however, small group sessions may also be negotiated. Sessions are arranged at a mutually agreeable time and place, which can be on or off-campus, or they can take place via telephone, email or Skype. For on-campus tutoring, students and tutors have access to College for First Nations tutorial rooms and a computer lab. These rooms are available on a booking system and must be booked in advance to ensure they are free for use when required.

First Nations Student Success Officer


07 4631 2133

1800 005 137