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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Are you designing a career that has meaningful impact on your workplace? Are you wanting to start your own business, or launch a scalable startup? Maybe you want to make a bit of extra money on the side of your full-time job?

Well, you’re in the right place! The Ignition Project has developed a range of co-curricular programs and real-world opportunities for all students. Take those first steps today!

Welcome to Ignition

Regionally Speaking Podcast

Hear from successful entrepreneurs who live outside of major cities.

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How to Freelance

A month-long series about the world of freelancing, consulting and portfolio careers.

Alumni Entrepreneurship Q&As

Join us as we interview alumni about their journey into entrepreneurship. 

Innovation Magazine

Read a digital copy of our magazine all about starting your own business. 

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‘I have this personal rule. When I find myself complaining about something, I have two options: do something about it, or let it go.’

– Tina Roth Eisenberg
(SwissMiss, CreativeMornings, Tattly)


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