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Our brand

From leading breakthrough space and defence research of national significance, to revolutionising the way a university degree can be attained online, the University of Southern Queensland has proved to be an innovative leader in tertiary education since it first opened its doors as an institution 55 years ago. Now, that strong track record of success has evolved into a confident new commitment to continue to showcase the University to the communities it operates in — and across the world — with a revitalised voice, identity and reputation.

Access Excellence

This is a place to excel, think big, and put your ambition into action. You’ll find quality learning experiences, matched with resources and research that will inspire.

You’ll access a university that’s built to perform on the world stage, with the added benefit of a boutique approach and model. You’ll experience a university that adapts to you. Our partnerships will motivate you. Our commitment to collaboration will open new doors. Learn at your own pace – at your place, or at one of our three unique campuses.

Where will you access more? Where else but the University of Southern Queensland.

What motivates us

Our brand ‘drivers’ are the behaviours that set us apart and ensure our success.


Thrive Together.
The collective power to achieve more.

Every day, we’re inspired by the incredible ideas and achievements of our students, staff, researchers and alumni. They’re making a positive impact on the world around them. Our measure of success is not just about UniSQ’s people. 

It’s about the people and communities we connect to, in Queensland and beyond. We’re not just a local university. We’re a fundamental part of our communities, enriching lives through the power of education. It’s when we come together that we can achieve more – inviting those around us to be part of our story.


Feel connected.
Sharing stories and connecting places.

Our campuses are on land with great history and wisdom to share. Thousands of generations of First Nations families have lived here, learned here and journeyed here to connect, celebrate and share stories. 

With deep respect to all those that have come before us, we will connect to Country by linking our campuses and creating places of belonging. Our places – whether online or on campus – are places to feel proud of, and part of. We connect with Australia and the world through the sharing of stories and knowledge of our places. 


Go beyond.
Continuous improvement and constant innovation.

Each one of us can shape the future. There’s a tangible, results-focused approach to how we innovate at UniSQ. We’re energised and focused on real world results. Our ambition is put into action by looking for ways to improve what we do.

We go beyond what we think is possible, by creating high-quality programs and products that enable students to be career-ready. If old ways of being and doing don’t suit us today, we look for new pathways. This is the mindset we share as we work to continuously improve what we put out into the world.


Drive impact.
Delivering the outcomes the world needs.

A shared ambition to do incredible things sits at the heart of UniSQ. But our progress isn’t made possible because we all stick to the same path. Our research and partnerships forge new directions and illuminate new ideas. We seek to drive positive impact, delivering the outcomes the world needs.

We’re recognised for our unique approach to research and partnerships – where open-minded collaboration and adaptation sets us apart. Our drive for excellence keeps us inspired to make new discoveries and uncover game-changing ideas.


Our new logo features a shield that contains the iconic Bunya pine tree representing growth, strength and journeys. The Bunya pine tree holds special significance to First Nations communities across southern Queensland.


Our new colour palette is inspired by southern Queensland’s golden sunsets. Capturing colours from both the land and sky. Gold and plum were chosen as our main colours as they represent the warmth of the dynamic communities in which the University operates. Our extended colour palette symbolises our connection to the land.

The inspiration behind UniSQ’s new logo

University of Southern Queensland Elder-in-Residence, Uncle Wayne Fossey, explains the connection between the University’s new brand and the iconic Bunya Pine Tree.

Coat of Arms and University Motto

Our official coat of arms was first adopted in 1990 and features the phoenix under the Southern Cross, along with our motto ‘Per Studia Mens Nova’ (Through study the mind is renewed). The story of the phoenix has served our institution for many years and is a valued and important part of who we are – this symbol remains a key part of our institutional journey. It reflects the rejuvenation of life through knowledge, the ability to meet challenges and endure in the face of adversity, and the sheer exhilaration of growth and innovation.