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Women at UniSQ

Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Geraldine Mackenzie, is passionate about ensuring that the University of Southern Queensland is an inclusive place for women to work.  The Vice-Chancellor is a public supporter of women's career development and growth as well as a Pay Equity Ambassador.  Through initiatives such as the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) Athena Swan Action Plan, we are actively working to progress the careers of women, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) disciplines.

Our objectives

We believe that gender equity is fundamental to creating inclusive workplaces and learning environments.  As a priority area for the University, our investments in gender equity have realised our strengths across four key areas.  This is where our focus continues to be directed when embedding gender equity into our everyday business:

Data and insights

  • Performing a comprehensive annual gender pay gap review
  • Reporting on gender equity data and initiatives via University governance structures

Representation of women

  • Increasing the representation of women in academic roles
  • Increasing female promotion application and success rates
  • Improving success of women being recruited into academic roles
  • Increasing representation of women in senior professional roles

Policies, procedures and strategies that support gender equity

  • Creating and embedding comprehensive strategies, policies and procedures in support of diversity and inclusion and to address gender inequality
  • Setting and exceeding targets for women in executive roles

Career progression

  • Progressing initiatives that particularly support women
  • Developing programs for women in both academic and professional roles

Culture, flexibility and support

  • Increasing visibility of senior leader support through public initiatives and external platforms
  • Offering a range of flexibility initiatives that are strong valued by women

Initiatives for supporting women in STEMM

  • Academic time buy-out
  • Women's academic development program
  • Flexible work options
  • Individualised coaching support and mentoring opportunities
  • Paid parental leave