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Andrea talks about studying Primary Education at USQ

Andrea: I’m Andrea Taylor and I’m studying a Bachelor of Education Primary. Have a passion for teaching in rural remote areas.

At USQ they’ve offered extra opportunities to development my professional experiences that we didn’t; you know, didn’t get judged on or marked on as such.

The Bachelor of Education Primary has been fabulous with opportunities. I’ve gone to volunteer experience, I’ve done the PCAP Program, I did a Spearer Conference, and I did the Isolated Children’s Project last year…the end of last year.

The opportunities that USQ provide they let you organise your own professional experiences which I thinks great, because I’ve done, I’ve done only a couple in Toowoomba and all my one’s I’ve organised. I’ve been to Tara and Murgon, Aramac, Begonia which is a 1 teacher school in the middle of nowhere and there’s no phone reception.

The staff here at USQ are friendly and approachable, they’ll do pretty much anything they can to help you out. You see similar lecturers, you see them in the hallways, you know, you get to talk to them a lot because there’s smaller groups as well. You always feel connected, like I got to know people from volunteer experiences as well. It’s just nice walking down the hallway and someone says hello to you, you know.

I’m a lot better out, you know, I’ve done well 1 teacher school so I’m prepared for that, I’ve taught in prep – 10 schools, so you’ve seen that little bit of different combination. I’ve done prep – 12. You know the community members and parents a lot; you get involved in those activities and that, that’s really good as well you know…that you know; that you’ll be able to then transfer those skills to your teaching career next year as well.