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Robert talks about studying Health at USQ

Robert: My name is Robert Newman I’m studying Bachelor of Health majoring in Laboratory Medicine and this is my 3rd year, 3rd and final year.

The support is great I’m doing it externally at the moment so I’m off campus which means it’s more flexible to do it that way. Everything is posted online, the lectures are put online. If you need any help you can just make an appointment with the lecturer or any of the staff on campus, you come in and have a chat with them…yeah it’s been really good.

USQ organises for us to go on clinical placements, so I’ve gone to different laboratories about 4 different laboratories. I have been, Pathology Queensland, I’ve worked at the Toowoomba laboratory, at the Warwick laboratory, PA hospital, Logan hospital, different disciplines.

So that’s another good thing to become more mutable, because you’ve got that experience, you’ve been out in the workforce, you’ve actually gained hands on experience with the stuff in your study, so I find that to be really good with the course.

To someone who’s thinking about studying and is also working full time it is possible to do and these courses are designed to be flexible to accommodate for people who working and studying at the same time. Just about to graduate, it’s unbelievable.