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Angie talks about studying Climate Studies at USQ

Angie: My name’s Angie Asimus, I work for Channel 7 News presenting the weather on weekends and working as a news Journalist during the week and I studied a Graduate Certificate in Climate Adaptation at USQ.

What really stood out at USQ was obviously the distance education which allowed me to juggle my full-time work with study and also accessibility of that particular course for me is someone how has a background in, probably the written word English as opposed to Science, it was really nice balance between, you know the assignments was really well thought out in terms of you did have to have a little bit of that, that scientific basis, but also my skills in writing also really were able to come through as well.

Well I did my Journalism degree on-campus so it was very different so I was…I was unsure exactly on how it was going to work. But I was really impressed by how well planned everything was and I think that was the key with this because I wasn’t there all the time.

The assignments were really, were laid out at the beginning of the year and so I could plan around that and that really helped a lot. And of course also the teachers were also on-hand via email or telephone, so I didn’t feel that I had no support, I felt like, you know, if you did need that extra bit of assistance it was always there.