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Inspiring children around the world through education
Cilla, smiling, walking out of an historical structure.

With a passion for furthering education and the development of young learners, Cilla studied a Master of Education (Curriculum and Pedagogical Leadership) at UniSQ after completing an undergraduate degree in Primary Education and working as a teacher around the world.

With a goal of creating sustainable change in the field, Cilla hopes to encourage new ways of teaching and life-long learning: 'I want children in my classes to be excited by life and the endless possibilities that are presented to them. With my classes, I strive to create a child-centred environment that places children’s needs at the forefront of curriculum delivery.'

Cilla worked as a K1 teacher in Saudi Arabia at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), where she realised her leadership potential and began her online postgraduate studies at UniSQ.

Now teaching at Hangzhou International School (HIS) in China as a Grade Level Leader, Cilla works to implement an inquiry and hands-on learning model in the classroom. She oversees classes where children do the thinking as they investigate examples, case studies and experiences provided by the teacher.

Over her dynamic career as an international educator, Cilla’s hard work and high work ethic have shaped her and set her on a trajectory towards making a true difference in education.

'If you have a good foundation that teaches not only facts, but how to cope when things do not go your way, how to think critically, how to solve problems, be flexible – in essence, how to learn – then you can handle whatever life will throw at you.'