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Procrastination will only keep you in one place. Start today!
Brianna is sitting on an outdoor bench, holding a pen and notepad, smiling at the camera.

Diving into university head first at age 22 was a big decision for Bri. She had always told teachers, parents and herself that she just wasn’t made for university. 

'I thought it was too late to go back and start a new career in a field I hadn’t experienced.'

But after travelling across America for a month she realised she was working in a job that wasn’t advancing, one that brought her money but not fulfilment.

'I asked myself ‘five years from now if I am still doing this same job, will I be happy?’ My answer was ‘are you crazy? NO’. I realised there was a whole world full of experiences made just for me and chose to pursue study.'

With the help of UniSQ’s online Career Explorer, Bri made the decision to enrol in a Bachelor of Communication and Media with a major in public relations. It turned out to be the best decision, one that would launch her into a world of endless opportunities. 

'Engaging in study has driven me to work harder, be better and more fearless in the pursuit of my dreams. Three years ago, I would have never imagined I would be where I am today.'

'If you don’t start today, you can start tomorrow or the next day, but time will pass, and procrastinating will only keep you in one place. Start today!'