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5 benefits of living on student accommodation while at uni

When you’re a new student looking for uni accommodation, the options can get a little confusing. Don’t worry, we are here to help! Did you know that the term ‘college’ can refer to student university accommodation? At the University of Southern Queensland, we have three residential colleges - Concannon, McGregor & Steele Rudd - all based within walking distance to UniSQ’s Toowoomba campus. Choosing where to live is a big decision, however there are some great benefits of student accommodation and living on-campus while you study at UniSQ. 

1. College friends are besties for life  

When you live on-college, you have built-in friends! You go to breakfast and dinner with your friends, play sport with your friends, study with your friends, and go to social events, such as formals, with your friends. You live with them 24/7, much like your family. And much like your siblings, parents and loved ones, college friends get to see you at your best, happiest, and well, worst moments. Can you ever really know someone until you’ve lived with them? Getting to know all of you is how college friends become friends for life and this support system is why college is one of the best places to live as a student.

2. All-inclusive meals 

You know what sounds amazing for dinner? Anything you don’t have to cook! It might sound silly, but if you’re not used to cooking for yourself, it can be a lot to take on. Planning, shopping and cooking your meals each week takes time (especially if you want more than a two-minute noodle diet). At our university accommodation, all your college meals are included in your fees, freeing up spare time for studying, extra-curricular activities and social fun. And hey, if your free time happens to include a Macca’s midnight run, there’s no judgement here!

3. Independence

If you’re craving the freedom that comes with living away from home, uni accommodation offers an easy path to independence. The shift between living with family to having your own place can be daunting, and that’s why university accommodation is the ideal middle compromise. You’ll still have housemates, but without the limitations that come with your family home or the struggles with flying solo with a private rental. Embrace the freedom of having your own routine and making your own plans, with the added security blanket of college support staff who are always there for assistance or help with any of those life hurdles. 

4. Getting social

From a wide range of events and activities, including inter-college competitions to formal dinners and theme nights, there is never a dull moment while living in uni accommodation. Check out our Facebook page for a glimpse of the fun that is one simple application away.

Feeling sporty? There is ample opportunity to get physical (at no cost!) with our Residential Shield competition, comprised of a large variety of sporting events. Feeling not so sporty? Join countless social gatherings for a guaranteed fun time or check out our wide range of Student Clubs.

5. Affordable

We take a student’s budget into our cost consideration. Unlike a private rental, there is no requirement to commit to a full year, and our all-inclusive fees include unlimited internet, parking and utilities. With cost of electricity, water, internet, and food covered in one simple payment, it is much easier to budget each month. Plus, there is no bond, no application fee and multiple payment options to make it even easier!

Could it get any better? At UniSQ we like to go above and beyond and offer a range of scholarships that can ease any financial pressures. Take the time to check out the UniSQ Residential College Scholarship and the Residential Colleges Student Support Scholarship.

While we’ve easily covered 5 benefits of living on student accommodation, we could easily rack up the second hand with (6) convenience, (7) security, (8) leadership opportunities, (9) on-site support teams and, (10) an in-built sense of community. That’s why our residential colleges are one of the best places to live in qld as a student. Check out our university accommodation website, or get started now and take the steps to apply. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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